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Tiffin Cahaba in the woodsTiffin Cahaba in the woodsTiffin Cahaba in the woodsTiffin Cahaba in the woods

The Cahaba

It's out of this outdoor world.

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Small in size. Massive in adventure.

The Cahaba is ready for just about anything. Are you?

Choose your own adventure in style.

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Cahaba Volta Pack Cutaway 1


Volta Power System

Experience the power of silence. With the Volta battery system on your Cahaba, you have access to all the power you need for any high-power amenity, including air conditioning all day or night. So not only can you get away from it all with off-grid living, you can also escape the need for noisy generators and listen to what nature has to say.

Cahaba feature headlights


Exterior LED Light Package

The road ahead is full of adventure. So you better be able to see it. With Cahaba’s optional LED light package with a front LED light bar and rear spotlights on each corner, you’ll see every twist and turn your journey has to offer.

Cahaba feature molli rack


Mounted MOLLE Gear and Bike Rack

Be prepared for anything but boredom. Cahaba’s rear-door mounted MOLLE gear rack with attached bike rack option makes sure that wherever the Cahaba takes you, all of your favorite outdoor toys will be along for the ride.